TVV Quartet : “Three Voices from the Valley”

Sunday 19, May 2019 @ Outpost 186, 7pm $15

TVV Quartet: Elinor Speirs – violin / Mina Kim – cello / Mario Layne Fabrazio – drums / Eunhye Jeong – piano/voice/compositions

Pianist/Composer Eunhye Jeong presents her new creations with TVV Quartet, featuring Elinor Speirs (violin), Mina Kim (cello), Mario Layne Fabrazio (drums) and herself (piano/voice). “Three Voices from the Valley”, a work-in-progress project, is a musical narration drawn from both real life and fictional personalities appeared in different timelines of history of Korea, Jeong’s birth of origin.

This particular performance will evolve around the inspirations that manifest in image form, and non-conventional music-makings will be undertaken focusing on creating the better course of “future” history, casting our visions toward and forward in reflection of the past.

About Eunhye Jeong

“bold talent and creative energy in abundance… ” – All About Jazz, Ian Patterson

Having released three records, Turtle Suite (2014), Chi-Da (2018) and2 Begets 3 (2018), in various musical formats, Jeong is a creative musician who keeps expanding with critical mind and diligent research. Her other works also include scores for two short films, award-winning “Payphone (2014)” and “Ancestry (2015)” which she co-wrote with percussionist Munyungo Jackson, best known for his work with Stevie Wonder. After discovering the world of “creative music” mainly of AACM and the musicians in the lineage, she began to explore the “vehicle” that better transports her inspirations. In 2019, she performed with Wadada Leo Smith, a mentor and an innovative composer/trumpeter who developed his own symbolic art-score system Ankhrasmation.

The ongoing theme of the artist since 2012 is to revive the historical and cultural continuum of Korea, as the severance was both forcefully and voluntarily conducted through historical events such as colonization, industrialization and the war that formed two divided Koreas. She’s been studying Pansori from internationally acclaimed Pansori master and philosopher Bae Il-dong and they will perform the summer of 2019 in Seoul.